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Send N Share - MarketingPro500™ Digital Marketing Software. Advertise your business all over the world via one unique link. Increase your company sales by 500% and retain more customers with mobile contact saving ability. Showcase your business products & services via YouTube or Vimeo videos. Popular Send N Share MarketingPro500™ Industries using our software include; Business, Trade, Solar, Real Estate, Legal, Manufacturing, Recruitment and more. Send N Share your MarketingPro500™ digital sales card and increase sales productivity today. Add private business advertising marketing material across all staff digital cards. Send N Share your MarketingPro500™ business link across popular social media & communication platforms with ease. Voted No.1 Business Digital Sales & Marketing Software 2019. Become a member of Send N Share by filling out the enquiry form today and will be in contact soon.

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Digital Business Card

Send N Share all your business details around the world with (1) simple private link

Multiple Template Designs

Choose a template layout design to get started

YouTube, Vimeo video

Showcase your business YouTube, Vimeo video

Add Products $$$

Add Products and connect to any URL or digital card look-up form

Add Services

Add Services to your digital business card


Show your past projects and portfolio

Custom Fields

Add unlimited custom fields, social media and links

Personal Unique Link

Add your own personal or business link to your digital card

QR Code

Get a unique QR Code for all digital cards

Enquiry Form , Order Form

Get enquiries or purchase orders straight from your digital business card. Separate emails for users

PayPal - Payments

Add PayPal payments links to products or services allowing customers to pay directly from vcard.

Change Colours vCard

You can change background or text colour on your digital vCard

Websites are old technology

Embrace NEW Technology showcasing all your business details, projects, introduction videos and contact form all on your private digital vCard. Turn every enquiry into a potential customer!

Share vCard Worldwide

Share your Digital Business Card world wide with enquiries locally, nationally and world-wide today. Our members love the flexible smart digital business card.

Premium Advertising Included

Looking to get maximum advertising exposure? All active members automatically receive Premium Advertising space across all digital business cards in one local city or country . Now that's value!

Easy Share to Social Media

Easy share your digital business card to popular social media parties. ie Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Increase Sales

Customers love all your business details all in one simple link. Great for sales staff, admin, accounts etc

Personal e-mail Enquiry

Create multiple vCards for all your staff with their own email for vCard enquiry form. Admin can manage plan and vCards all from the one login.

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